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  1. School Software only 10000 Rupees . We are provide online school management software for all school.
    Our Modules is ………………
    Content Management
    Employee Registration
    Employee Management
    Attendance Register
    Salary Management
    Leave Management
    Student Admission
    Student Management
    Student Fee Concession
    Student Attendance
    Fee Masters
    Student Certificate
    Student Readmission
    Timetable Management
    Class Teacher Management
    Exam Setup
    Exam Question Paper Creating
    Exam Results & Report Creating
    Library Management
    Transport Management
    Financial Management
    Inventory Management
    Student Fee Management
    Transaction Management
    Auto Financial Reports
    Presentation Management
    Employee Analyzer
    Student Analyzer
    Finance Analyzer
    Examination Analyzer
    Transport Analyzer
    Gallery Management
    Event Calendar Management
    Online E-learning System
    User Management System
    Bulk SMS Module

      1. Hi Sir/Madam,
        Iam Darshini from MyClassboard.We basically provide ERP S/W to schools,we have total 800+clients who are using our S/W.We provide total 10-11Modules in our S/W where you can manage admin and academic activites
        1.Pre-Admission module
        2.System information system
        3.Student Attandence
        4.Fee management system
        5.Generating CCE Reports
        7.HR Management
        8.Hostel Management
        9. Inventory process
        10. Library management etc
        And also we have come up Mobile App(Teacher app & parent app).We charge Rs.250/-Per student per year and we are open for negotiation.
        For any more details you can contact the below number 040-48584480,8801828134,9248066013.

  2. Hello Ma’am/ Sir,
    Myself Chedanand behera, founder of SAN Animation and Film, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. I would like to introduce modern type of educational package of 3D interactive Animation rhymes to you and your organization. its excellent for your students to understood better your rhymes through electronically, which are very interesting. I hope your students will definitely like these kind of new study methods.

    We have created about 40 rhymes till now:
    1. ABCD song
    2. Color of songs
    3. Shape songs
    4. 1-20 train songs
    5. Days of a week
    6. Animal sounds
    7. Five speckled frog
    8. Ten green bottle
    9. Are you sleeping
    10. Finger family
    11. ABC song with kids interior (as sample provided)
    12. Five red apple
    13. One potatoes two potatoes
    14. Ten in the bed
    15. Humpty dumpty
    16. Sailor went to sea
    17. I can song a rainbow
    18. Miss molly had a dolly
    19. Bingo
    20. Rain rain go away
    21. Marry had a little lamb
    22. Ring around the rosy
    23. One to ten number song
    24. London bridge is falling down
    25. Five little monkey
    26. Baa baa black sheep
    27. Its raining
    28. Itchy bitchy spider
    29. Hickory dickory dock
    30. Wheel on a bus
    31. One two buckle my shoe
    32. Row row row your boat
    33. Down at the station
    34. Once i caught a fish alive
    35. If you are happy and you know it
    36. Old man Donald had a farm
    37. The old man played
    38. Have you go round the mulberry bush
    39. Bear went over the mountain
    40. Head shoulder knees and toes

    In 3D Animation compare to commercial educational market analyst. this trend is rapidly growing in many developing cities in India like; Nashik and etc and also across the globe. recently we delivered many rhymes to UK based nursery school in rockhdale.

    I request you to go through the given sample link of some of our rhymes from YouTube (Rhymes – Take a look to modern trending education technology.

    I hope you like to see those sample videos, If you are interested you can buy the pre-designed rhymes as listed above or you can order fresh one video from your students given syllabus. You can all purchase full package of 40 rhymes or selected once from them.

    i will be glad to present thee modern 3D animated rhymes first time in our India’s education system to grow, develop and advance education sectors.

    thank you

    Best regards
    Chedanand Behera
    Founder of
    SAN Animation and Film
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

  3. Hi Team,
    Touch Wizard technologies provide interactive learning experience for every kids. We have developed concepts that can change the way today learning experience are. According to us learning should be Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual. We give one solution that contains all the above requirement. One learning kit contains more than 100+ eye catching games, effects and interactive learning solution. We would like to have an telephonic appointment with the director or the owner of INDIA play school to discuss about this learning system. Today there are 100+ pre schools in INDIA. Be unique by using our learning solution. No internet required just put our interactive kit on the roof of the classroom to get an interactive floor learning system.

  4. Please help us in opening a Preschool. We prefer to talk to you personally first. Kindly provide us your contact number.

    1. Hello Ma’am,

      Are you planning to open pre-school in your location.
      contact us ” LITTLE PLANET PRE SCHOOL” a delhi based brand with low investment and high returns.

      For further details
      NEW DELHI-110085

  5. Hi. We are planning to bring to market a new learning concept of bridging the gap between nature and urban children especially toddler. Would like to reach out to pre schools and institutions like yourselves to validate and execute the idea to promote healthy well being of today’s children. Kindly let me know your contact number or an appointment to meet you. My number is 9940125485

  6. All the children in the school are not equal in grasping,remembering or expressing .I would like to help the slow learners so that they can be par with their classmates.My contact no is 9742303033

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