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Useful Articles for parents of toddlers
About playschools in India
Is your little one ready for a playschool?
Benefits of playschool – Why a preschool is better than regular school?
Preparing your little one for the first day at school.

Useful links from other sites

7 tips to deal with fussy and picky eating kids
Why should you encourage your child to cook?
How to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetable in yiur kids’ daily diet?
How to make kids taste new food?
What is right diet for children during illness?
Importance of celebrating a birthday party
Essenetials of a birthday party/ Birthday party planner/ checkoff list
Entertainment at kids’ birthday party
Games for kids at birthday party
Return gift ideas for Indian parents
Tips to select the right gift for the birthday kid 

Tips to make the birthdy kid happy

Free Downloads for preschoolers

Here is the link for free downloads for preschoolers. These downloads are useful for teaching toddlers about alphabets, animals, birds, parts of the body, fruits , vegetables, vehicles, colors, shapes and numbers. 

Recipes for Kids
Interesting and healthy recipes for kids tiifin box and breakfast

Stories for Children
Read and watch Indian stories for Children
Tenali Rama, Akber Birbal, Panchatantra and Aesop’s fables

Birthday Party ideas

Get interesting birthay party ideas, return gift ideas, free party planner and ideas for entertainment and games at your kids’ birthday party

9 thoughts on “Free Downloads”

  1. Hello

    I need to open a preschool in my own brand name.Please help me with the details like initial investment

    planning to start in navimumbai

  2. I need to open a preschool in my own brand name.Please help me with the details like initial investment ,equipements required with thier cost etc.

    Planning to start in Patna.

    1. Hi Manjit Singh,

      I can help you with the curriculum and the initial setting up of the school. You may reach me at 9930360736.

  3. I would like to open a preschool in my own brand name.
    Please help me with the details like legal permissions and initial investment..
    Planning to start in Amravati Dist.

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