About Indian Playschools

Going to school is a child’s first step into the endless journey of knowledge and exploration. School is the first place where parents leave their kid independently. Hence, choosing the right playschool is a vital step in enhancing the academic as well as creative interests of the kid.
Indian preschools are well equipped with sophisticated infrastructure and experienced personnel. All the rooms are painted in attractive colors with pictures of cartoon characters. Children are made to feel at home in the school. Indian playschools usually take very less number of students per class and hence individual attention is given to the student.

Playschools in India usually consist of four grades; Playgroup, nursery, lower kindergarten (LKG) and upper kindergarten (UKG). Some have after school care centers too. Children can be retained in care center after the school hours. Such playschools are a boon to working mothers.

Many Indian playschools have their own curriculum. Other than just reading and writing, they include many activity books to allow kids learn in an interactive way and sharpen their thinking abilities. Studies are also made enjoyable by playing CDs and singing rhymes together. Many creative toys like building blocks, puzzles and stacking toys are made available to the kid to ensure overall development.

Good eating habits are also taught in many playschools. Preschools even give potty training. They have good number of assistants for taking care of toddlers and keeping them clean and healthy.

Though the concept of playschools is derived from west, Indian Playschools have adapted it quite well to our culture.

Children are made aware of our culture and traditions too. Preschools celebrate Indian festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Janmasthami Id, Christmas, Independence day, etc., Music and dance also have become an important aspect of all Indian preschools.

Transport facility is available for most of the playschools. School staff takes good care of kids while getting in and getting down of the transport vehicle. Children love commuting by their school bus.

Most of the Indian playschools allow parents of the kids inside the campus on the joining day so that kids feel comfortable. They are allowed to play outside the classroom till they are used to the new environment.

Gone are the days when little kids were beaten by cane for learning things. Children are made to learn in an entertaining way.

Thanks to today’s Indian playschools; children love going to schools.

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