Benefits of a Play School

Kids are very tender when they first start attending school. They have to be dealt with much love and care when compared to other children. They need personal attention and the interaction with their parents is very crucial. Kids have to be made comfortable in the new environment which needs a lot of patience. There are many reasons why a playschool should be preferred to a normal school. Here are a few to name.

1) The student to teacher ratio in playschools is usually less when compared to normal schools. This means a kid in a playschool gets more attention and care. This is one of the most important benefit of a playschool.
2) As kids are new to school their timings of rest change a lot. They now have to wake up early and have to be awake for long hours. So, playschools make a provision for their sleep. They have mattresses laid in a room to facilitate their resting period.
3) Lot of care is to be taken regarding the safety of toddlers. They should be well protected from sharp objects and other heavy loads. All the things designed for a preschool are made by keeping child safety in mind.
4) Teaching toddlers is very different from teaching other children. Teachers have to be more focused and should have lots of patience. Faculty in playschools is specially trained for dealing with children of this age group. They try to understand the mindset of kids and explain things in a friendly manner. This is one of the main benefit of playschool.
5) Education in playschools is much more fun and interactive than in normal schools. Many playschools have specially crafted curriculum. Knowing things is made more fun and creative. Rhymes CDs are played and there are many learning toys like blocks, clay making, and puzzles available for children which make learning entertaining and a visual treat.
6) Infrastructure in playschools is made colorful and attractive. Pictures of Disney characters, birds and animals are painted on walls of the school building as well as class rooms. The furniture used in many playschools is very ergonomic and specially designed for toddlers. These things are eye-catching for kids. Also other things like slide, see-saw, swimming pool etc., are made available for children of this age group. Kids enjoy playing these under the supervision of assistants. In normal schools, these things are available for much elder kids. This is also an advantage of playschool.
7) In playschools, birthdays of children are celebrated by singing songs and cutting cake. Many festivals are celebrated and also children are made to understand the significance of important days like friendship day, teachers’ day, independence day etc.
8) As the children are very small, the playschools take care of potty training and cultivating good eating habits for the kid. This is not possible in normal schools. This is another advantage of playschools over normal school.

As seen above, the benefits of playschools over normal schools make children love a playschool more than an ordinary school with kids of all age groups.

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