• Bumble Bee Pre-school

    Bumble Bee Pre-school,
    A-53, Street 7, Opposite Apollo BSR, Bhilai
    Chattisgarh – 490020

    Run by IIT and IIM Alumni, Bumble Bee pre-school is the latest pre-school in Bhilai, which approaches education for budding kids in a fun enjoyable manner, equally balancing the classroom based learning as is appropriate for assimilating the child seamlessly in the future classes in the Indian Education system. The goal is to provide a safe, conducive environment for the tiny tots enabling them to unleash their creativity, learn and grow at an unbelievable pace and surprise us with their potential.
    We nurture our students to make them grow in all aspects of life. At Bumble Bee Pre-school we focus on all-round development of each child and celebrate the uniqueness of every child. The goal is to help the child carve out her individuality and build a personality. We, at Bumble Bee Pre-school, believe education is complete, only when a child imbibes strong moral values and has a strong connect with her environment and community.
    We strive to develop intellectual independence in the child through enquiry, experimentation and exploration. Our curriculum is designed to develop a lifelong love for learning. Truly, nurturing early learners!

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