• Cradles To Crayon

    204-A, Police Street, Sadar, Meerut Cantt. 250001

    Cradles To Crayon is an international preschool council offering our youngest learners a stimulating environment fostering growth through nurturing and active learning. Our centers are designed to cater to the pre-schooling needs of students from two to six years.

    Children in our preschools get the support needed to develop trust and confidence. Curiosity, initiative, and interest are key ingredients when planning every day. Play, led by our teachers, is important in a child’s development and is used with awareness in our centers throughout the globe. They learn through play inside and outside every day.

    We follow the best standards and benchmarks developed with years of experience and research. In accordance with our standards and research curricula, students, staff, and parents work together to ensure that every student feels safe and accepted so that they can reach their fullest academic potential.

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