• Dar Al-Arqam International School

    Y/2/164/B/3, Bagdi Para Rd, Metiabruz, Kolkata, West Bengal 700044
    Dar Al-Arqam International School
    , Kolkata is an English medium
    Islamic school established in 2017 with a vision to offer quality education
    and managed by non-profit charitable trust. We believe without a positive
    relationship there cannot be much growth and students can only learn from
    them whom they like. The learning process is a very personal one, and
    students need to feel good about what is happening in a classroom in order
    to produce maximum results. We always maintain a positive culture among
    administrator, teachers, staffs and our dear students.


    • To develop and nurture our students with active and creative minds, a
      sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to
      act on their beliefs.
    • We respect the individual needs of children; fosters a caring and
      creative environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and
      excellence in learning; and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical,
      intellectual development of each child.
    • School encourages the parents and community to assist the students in
      developing skills to become independent and self- sufficient adults
      who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.


    • Realizing the real purpose of our life. Success for both worlds.
    • Islamization of knowledge.
    • Preparing honest and talented leaders for inspiring the nation and
      ummah to new dreams and ambitions.

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