Is your little one ready for a play school?

Check your kid’s readiness for school

Here are a few things you can consider before sending them to a playschool.

Is she able to talk and express herself to some extent about her needs? This is one of the important aspects to be considered. If they cannot communicate well, it will be problem for both the kid and staff of the playschool.

Is she healthy enough to be taken care by teachers? If your child falls sick too often, you can postpone her admission as it will be a problem for her to attend school regularly.

Will the child be able to cope with the curriculum of the school? First check the syllabus of the playschool you would like to join her into. Decide whether your kid will be able to understand the lessons to be taught.

Things you need not worry about

Toilet training: Many playschools give toilet training in school

Sociability: Even if your kid is not sociable, she will make friends in her school though it may take some time.

Has never been left alone: For most of the kids today, playschool is the first place where they adjust without their parents. Kids who have never been without their parents or grandparents only take some more time to adjust. Once they start playing and mingling with other kids, they will be happy going to school. Their shyness towards strangers also reduces.

It is essential to discuss the behavior of the kid with the playschool teachers.

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