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Little Pathasala

Little Pathasala,
MP House, Flat No. 28, 5th Floor,
Neelkantha Apartment, Purno Complex,
Behind Canara Bank, Dimna Road, Mango,
East Singhbhum, Jharkhand, India – 831012.

With the cutting edge competition, changing social structure in a constant process and the changing form of education system has given birth to the concept of Early Childhood Education which is well established and running successfully all around. The general objective of almost every single play school is to provide a safe, nurturing and healthy environment with a proper age appropriate curriculum which is best suited to the kids of 2 to 6 years old. We the LITTLE PATHASHALA is no exception to the belief. We realize the need and importance of early childhood learning and more than keen to be a partner of the world of education. Education is imparting knowledge and knowledge is the third eye of man which gives him insight into all affairs and teaches him how to act.

As per classical Indian tradition “Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye”, that which liberates us is education. Following the connotation we believe in promoting education to the youngest generation of the world to the maximum number possible and make them good human being and responsible citizen by imbibing all the good qualities necessary.

In LITTLE PATHASHALA we endeavour in a proper fusion of teaching methods and curriculum from east and west adhering to Indian tradition and culture. Our curriculum is based on a thorough research that children should enjoy learning comfortably. We are very particular about the quality of our services, thus, restricted the number of seats of the students to 100 in a centre.

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