Mother-Toddler Program Curriculum

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Give the gift of useful and memorable moments to the mothers and their children in your vicinity!

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Why Ninos Out-of-School Club Mother-Toddler Program Curriculum?

  • We provide customized and theme-based program for a duration of three months and six months. 
  • Our intensive teacher training program will help your teachers and staff conduct mother-toddler programs at your school premises.
  • Our detailed and easy-to-understand curriculum will provide your teachers with sufficient hands-on experience and help them execute the program without any difficulty.
  • Our team is always at your service and does regular follow-up after providing the curriculum.
  • The curriculum is designed in such a manner that you can easily modify it yourself as per your needs and specifications.

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Importance of Mother-Toddler Program Curriculum

Early childhood years are very crucial for children as they serve as a foundation for the rest of the life (Mohanty, 2005). During this period, the brain undergoes the most dramatic development and children acquire the ability to think, speak, learn and reason.

Therefore, they need positive early learning experiences to foster their intellectual, social and emotional development that set the stage for later success in life (Mascarenhas, 2007). This is where mother-toddler programs come in. Mothers in metropolitan cities and towns in India are now embracing this concept and participate in these programs with great enthusiasm.

The specially trained teacher in these programs usually plays the role of a facilitator while mothers play an important role of guiding the child and, in turn, encourage them to do the activities and gain confidence. It is a bridge program for a child before joining a playschool/preschool. In order to reap the rewards of these programs, it is recommended that mothers and toddlers attend these programs thrice a week.




    Benefits for Children

    Benefits for Mothers

    • Enhance the core areas of development that includes cognitive development and emotional development
    • Enhance creativity through music, dance and art
    • Hone language skills
    • Stimulate the senses
    • Instil the concept of time

    • Enable to learn child management skills
    • Facilitate to become well informed
    • Help to rear healthier children
    • Opportunities to meet like-minded mothers
    • Forum to discuss child-related issues with experts and other mothers






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