• Papagoya Kindergarten

    No (4) 8, Saunders Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore 560005

    Papagoya is a Scandinavian Kindergarten in Frazer Town that started in November 2016. We follow the Norwegian Curriculum of Early Childhood Education and focus on building confidence in children by equipping them with foundational life skills. Our days are built around a routine, and extends over a 6-hour (largely outdoor based) programme.
    We have a 1:3 Adult to Child Ratio, where all adults are qualified/passionate educators and hence able to engage each child at their own ability and interest. We use a play-based approach to learning where children are encouraged to be curious and creative. Our belief is that a secure, confident, gentle child will then always remain receptive to all forms of cognitive learning that will follow.
    We only admit a limited number of children every year, in the age group of 1yr to 4yrs. To know more, do visit our website – www.papagoya.com

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