• PEP School v2

    #240/A, 27th Main Road, HSR Layout Sector II, Bangalore 560102

    Technology and automation have changed the nature of jobs in the last few decades. The modern economy today values higher-order skills such as critical thinking and creativity, and places a premium on character traits like adaptability and leadership. Yet, our schools remain stranded in the industrial era, offering out-dated education originally designed to churn out factory floor workers. In the name of innovation, our schools have been making superficial, non-scientific changes (lavish infrastructure, “smart” classrooms). Meanwhile, our children continue to dislike school and fail to reach their full potential in life.

    At PEP School v2, we are redefining the school experience to empower each child to discover and achieve their unique potential. We invest in what really matters for joyful, effective learning for each child: hiring and cultivating outstanding educators, designing thoughtful learning environments and adopting a deeply personalised approach. Recognizing that children take different routes to mastery, we help craft Personalised Education Paths for each student. Our students then take charge of their own learning, set rigorous individual goals, track their progress and pursue excellence. In the process, they learn to be independent, imbibe the life skills essential for success, and develop a lifelong love for learning.

    Our team is a combination of entrepreneurs & educators. Our founders are IIT & IIM alumni passionate about changing Indian schooling.Our first Head of School comes with 30+ Years of Experience in progressive education. Our educators are trained psychologists and cross-career professionals.

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