• SAIShishya

    Plot No: 8, First Floor,
    AGS Enterprises Building,
    Thai Sundaram Nagar,
    Chennai – 600069

    SAIShishya is a new-generation children focused academy offering specialized academic instructions in easy modules namely, Phonics, Oral English and Daily Care.
    SAIShishya blends parental care with global instruction methodologies. Promoted by women that are obsessed with children rearing and their psychology. We promise to extend parental ambienceand an ecosystem that fosters creativity.

    SAISHISHYA invents “Pay4Stay” model in parental care, for the first time, where you don’t pay for holidays, weekends and absence of leave. This innovative price structure is poised to relieve from exorbitant rates you were used to paying.
    SAIShisya abolishes mandatory monthly fees and charges by hour, by which you can save up to 50%. You are allowed to plan your own schedule. We unshackle you from the fetters of schedules that were set in stone.

    Currently, SAIShishya presents 3 modules. They are Phonics, Oral English and Daily Care.

    We follow Global Preschool Curriculum during
    pre-noon session.

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