• SG International PreSchool

    Plot no 80/81 Ganpati Mandir Road Sector 18A Nerul west Navi Mumbai 400706.

    Our curriculum philosophy is supported not only through the curriculum but also with our belief that the three important pillars in a young child’s life are the father, mother and the teachers. A child is learning largely from his/her immediate environment – an environment where they feel safe and secure in. Our teaching and learning philosophy is based on Multiple Intelligence, Inquiry Based learning and experiential learning.
    What is Multiple Intelligence?

    The theory of Multiple Intelligence says that, intelligence can be differentiated by different styles or ways of learning. A child can learn numbers through an activity with number cards and counters and another child can learn the same while climbing up and down the steps; while a third child might learn by singing the number rhymes.

    What is Inquiry Based Learning?

    Young children love to ask questions. It’s one of the ways in which they make sense of the world and their place in it. Questions are also a powerful tool for educators to promote children’s thinking and learning. When children are able to pose questions and investigate the answers, they feel in charge of their own learning.

    Inquiry-based approaches to learning; harnesses this very spirit of investigation. It also creates an interesting, engaging and meaningful curriculum that uses children’s interests and questions as a starting point for effective learning.

    What is Experiential Learning?

    A child learns through experiences in and around one’s learning space. We believe that children learn best when we build on their individual strengths and intelligences.

    Experiential-based approach to learning offers us an opportunity to nurture children’s curiosity and inquisitiveness. It not only develops problem-solvers and decision-makers but also prepares children with the academic foundation to achieve success in school and in life. To further enhance this form of learning, children are also taken on field trips to give real world exposure and are engaged in loads of hands-on learning.

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