• Sunshine Play School

    H.No:13-3-109, Hanuman Nagar, Opp: Sri Chaitanya High School, Chaitanyapuri, Hyderabad-60


    It starts with little things like learning to hold, fold, grip and clutch. Gross motor skills, talking, mono to multi syllable uttering; identifying colors and shapes; these are activities that form the prelude to formal schooling at SUNSHINE. This experiential learning helps in better comprehension and longer retention.The activity room and colorful classrooms provide the right environment to captivate the child and stimulate learning. Through its well structured initial-years-learning curriculum, SUNSHINE provides a balance between structured learning and informal experiential learning in a variety of contexts.Using scientifically approved teaching methods; the experienced teachers provide the right ambiance for the child to kindle the interest for learning. The child is exposed to different languages, culture, religion and different living styles.

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