• The Freethinking School

    543,16th A Main, Kormangala 3rd Block, Sarjapur Service Road, Bangalore-560034

    The Freethinking School, a unique fun-filled space, buzzing with freethinking creativity; a space that inspires a love for learning for the rest of your child’s life; a space that your child loves to eagerly come to, everyday.

    We provide a stimulating environment rich in experiences that helps each child discover their full potential by nurturing creativity, purposeful thinking and equipping them with the necessary skill sets that contributes towards joyful, productive living.

    At The Freethinking School, our focus is on personalized experiential learning that extends beyond the classroom, to make every child a freethinker for life.

    Facilities provided- Full range of Montessori materials, qualified teachers and care takers, special days, extended days, freethinking curriculum, experiential creative corners, curated field.

    We also provide after school care and after school activities.
    The after school activities include:
    Monday to Friday- TED Ed Club, baking, music, dance, abacus, chess, handwriting, art and craft, crochet, mom and child programs- age group 3 to 16 years.
    Weekend Programs- Life skill workshops and mentoring- age croup 6 to 18 years.

    Please check our website for details.

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