Orange Sprout

“Why fit in when you can stand out”. Look no further than Orange Sprout when it comes for choosing the right place to nurture the love for learning.

The kids love to play, experiment, explore, investigate and enjoy themselves and that’s what Orange Sprout education is all about. We let the child find the rhythm at his own pace.

Orange Sprout is the one of its own kind at Coimbatore & Excels in

Play Group – For kids of 2-3 yrs.
Pre School – For kids of 3-4 yrs.
After School Programs – For kids of 2-4 yrs.
• Little Steps – Enrichment Program
After School Programs – For kids of 4-10 yrs.
• Fun with Sounds – English Skill
• Fun with Numbers – Analytical & Math Skill
• Smart Grow – Logical & Encyclopedic Knowledge
Library – For kids of 2-15 yrs.
Play Area – For kids of 0-10 yrs.
Party Hall –Music time, LED dance, Play zone, Theme Decoration & Delicious food
Café – Kids friendly menu.

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