SolisPehdee offers 4 programs-Play School (for ages 1.5 years+), Nursery (for ages-2.5years+), Jr.KG (3.5 years+) Sr.KG (4.5 years+) and exciting Summer Camp (April & May) [The Summer Camp has two categories: -1. The Buds (2-5 years), 2.The Flowers (6-12 years).]
Special Section — After school care
SolisPehdee is the No. 1 Pre-School in Trivandrum offers stimulating environment to help your child’s overall growth. We belief is to stimulate the child imagination by providing them opportunities to grow and develop while reading, writing, listening, and playing.
Our unique features include:
Colourful fun rooms.
Age-appropriate furniture.
Age-appropriate Brain Gym Toys .
Age-appropriate Study Materials.
Hygiene Class rooms.
Sandpit Area.
Non-toxic toys.
Outdoor games.
Outdoor Play Area.
Montessori study materials.
Children Library.
Audio visual room.
Interactive books and puppets that combine to make the surrounding playful and fun to be in.
Experience the love and warmth of well-trained teachers and minders.
Solis Music – offers an early childhood music and movement program.
Solis Gym – offers fitness and child-yoga.
Splash Pool Games.
Solis Stage –Children are given opportunities to come to the stage and perform whatever they are able to. This concept is to improve their individuality of coming up.
Frequent field-trips to reinforce the concept discussed in the class rooms.
Transport Facility.
Child Kit—School Bag, Uniforms-(2 different types), Belt, ID card, School Diary, CD’s, Work Sheets, Books, Craft and Colouring Activity Materials.
Annual Day Celebrations:-Each and every child is given opportunities to express their talents in their very young age (from the age 1.5year) to know what is the stage and a huge audience who claps for their performance.
We prepare children to face the world, as they discover themselves as self confident, self controlled and independent, having improved interpersonal skills.
We SolisPehdee aim to be an extension of your family.
SolisPehdee is best in giving love, secure and hygiene sphere. A unique blend of teachers and assistants who are warm and caring.
We lay special emphasis on good habits and etiquettes.
SolisPehdee does not compromise quality and environment.
We have qualified facilitators who work on age appropriate curriculum Every child is given required attention. We encourage physical, emotional and intellectual development of each child to become independent, responsible and social citizen of our global society.

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