Udaan Global School

Welcome to Udaan Global School
We hope that your child’s time here will be a stimulating, exciting and happy learning experience. In a caring and accepting environment, your child will be able to build upon the social, emotional and intellectual foundation which you have laid. Your child will be able to experiment with new activities, explore the creative possibilities of art and craft, the exhilaration of adventurous play, develop ideas and communicate them freely. They will have the opportunity to develop and practice the social skills that are so important for a happy and satisfying life. Your child will learn to respect the rights of others, and the value of cooperation and sharing with others. We will prepare your child for life, by use of facilities provided by us such as the e-learning, Art & craft, Gymnasium, Music, dance, yoga and many other. So let being a part of UGS. Welcome to Udaan Global School.
Let’s create a better World!!!
About Us
For Life, Early childhood Education is as important as Oxygen or Water.
For us at UGS, there is more than educating children; it is a chance to make life…..it is start for experiencing life with its real essence….it is a way to learn with enjoying….
We believe in Quality education with practical experiments to enhance the individual child capability, which not only enhance individual growth but it is related with growth of educated, well behave, and happier society and country at the longer extent.
We are educating students of up to secondary level by our venture “UDAAN CLASSES” since 2015. And we have experience of about 8 years of educating students at various levels and streams. So when we checked the level of curiosity, knowledge, basics etc. we are shocked!! . So we think upon this and our analysis come to an end that there is no defect in our students, it is in the primary education which they have brought with them. So we decided to make our root stronger, by starting a pre-school.
Our aim is to provide an in-depth education to each child, so they can stand and win in global competition.
Udaan Global School
Our Mission (Motto)
Parents+Child+Teacher = ”Better World”
Our Vision
To make ready children for global competitive world by making learning is a fun activity.

1. Complete activity based Curriculum with moral values.
2. Qualified, dedicated and Experienced Teachers.
3. Learning with Care in colorful, warm, attractive environment.
4. Facilities like-Projector, Water purifier, Fire Extinguisher, Play Zone etc.
5. For individual attention, Student Teacher Ratio- 8:1.
6. Focus on Communication skills and personality development.
7. For physical health and overall development- Mental and physical games.
8. Healthy and Hygienic environment.
9. Advanced, Attractive and Audio-Visual Classrooms.
10. Theme-based activities.
11. Extra curriculum activities like- Dance, Yoga, Singing, etc.
12. Festival, Special day celebration.
13. Parents+ Teachers co-ordination.
14. Playful and Stress-free environment for child.
15. Annual Function, Games, Competitions.
16. Activities for Parents.
17. Practical Learning Environment.

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