3/5 Kodigehalli Main Road
Sahakar Nagar
Bangalore- 92

At Tots Preschool we have adopted the best practices from Kindergarten, Reggio Emilia, Howard Gardner’s – Multiple Intelligence and Montessori. We follow the child-centric, child-led and facilitator-assisted methodology. Tots is Bangalore’s most spacious Preschool.

Our methodology is based on rhythm and flow of the child. A child’s readiness and willingness to partner in learning is imperative. We provide all facilities, materials and amenities along with a facilitator – the end result is that the child participates to the best of his capacity and in the process develops his overall faculties. All learning and small milestones are celebrated along with the child!
Our main medium of instruction is English. We offer French, Kannada and Hindi as second language options from Kindergarten – 2 (5 years). Our class size is limited to a maximum of 25 students with 1:10 ratio teacher student ratio.

Grade 1- 5 ICSE curriculum

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